• Initio 2 - A complete range for all your measurements

    This complete range of measurement devices has been designed by Jeulin to help the teaching in Biology and Physics at school. It can be used whether in the classroom or in the field as a standalone device with memory or associated with a datalogging interface.

  • Worlddidac 2016 : an award for the new Air table

    Jeulin awarded for its new Air table with inkjet Air cushion pucks ! Manufactured in France and totally modernized, this product will revolutionize the teaching of Mechanics at school.

  • Robotics with Rooby

    When robotics becomes handy ! Create your own robot or use an existing one. According your scenario, write your program with Rooby software (free download) and control your robot. Go for a competition !

  • Automation with Groomy

    Groomy is a pedagogical concept to teach and learn automation. Create your system or use an existing one, connect it to the powerful interface, write your program according to your scenario, simulate and control your system…

  • Spectrophotometer SOFI 2

    Discover sturdy and long-lasting products in a very large range of high-quality products. Choose your basic system and add some kits according to the experiments you want to carry out...

  • Our worldwide service

    As a global company, we work hand in hand with our resellers to provide the best level of service to match your needs. Discover which on is closest to your location.