5 m bare optical fibre


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Data sheet 5 m bare optical fibre


Bare optical fiber that can be used alone or with Fibroptonic (see related products).


Dimensions: 50 x 32 x 2 000 mm.
U-shaped profile:thickness 2.3 mm.
Power supply: 230 V - 50 Hz.
1 guiding bench made of painted profile with silkscreen printed scale, graduated every mm,
1 lantern on plate with E27 lamp, 230 V, 40 W, with uniplanar filament, with overlay and F pierced letter,
1 fixed holder for lenses or mirror (Ø 40mm),
1 holder for lenses or mirror (Ø 40 mm), vertically adjustable and in direction,
1 screen holder with mm graduated screen (120 x 120 mm), 1 set of 5 diaphragms.To be completed with Ø 40 mm lenses.
Supplied with instruction booklet.Supplied with 1 lantern on plate and 12 V / 30 W lamp (halogen bulb) + overlay and F
pierced letter.
To be completed with a 12 V - 5A DC supply.
Practical themes Optical fiber & transmission of information
Transmission source Laser
Propagation medium Optical fiber

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