Copper blades (pack of 10)

A complete range to study all the metals mentioned in the program by performing numerous classic or original experiences
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Data sheet Copper blades (pack of 10)


Examples of HANDLINGCorrosion testBecause of their small size, the blades can be inserted in a test tube in order to study their behavior with regard to the corrosion.Density testCopper, iron, zinc and aluminum blades have the same size. A simple weighing with a scale at 1/10th of g compares the densities of metals.Hardness/stiffness testDue to their thickness, these blades are suitable for studying their hardness and rigidity with the student's hardness testing machine ref. 253 066.


Métal massif : Cuivre.
Masse d'1 lame : 13,4 g environ.
Dimensions (L x H x p) : 10 x 100 x 1,5 mm.
Conditionnement : Lot de 10.
Material Copper
Conditioned per 10
Product starting with the letter C
Type of product Produits chimiques

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