Service & Maintenance

Tout le matériel pour faire l'entretien et la maintenance de vos loupes binoculaires (stéréomicroscopes)
  1. Housses de protection - Jeulin
    Housses de protection
    2 tailles – Matière transparente très résistante
  2. Cleaner for optical lenses - Jeulin
    Cleaner for optical lenses
    High-performing cleaner without residues.This liquid enables you to – dissolve organic greases and soils for a perfect cleaning of glasses, lenses,...
    €21.25 Excl. Tax €25.50 Incl. Tax
  3. Grease for rack (100 mL) - Jeulin
    Grease for rack (100 mL)
    Grease enabling the lubrication of mechanical parts subjected to high – pressures, its viscosity is adapted to your racks.
    €11.08 Excl. Tax €13.30 Incl. Tax
  4. Tubular fuses for magnifiers (pack of 10) - Jeulin
    €2.66 Excl. Tax €3.19 Incl. Tax
  5. Universal wrench - Jeulin
    €20.83 Excl. Tax €25.00 Incl. Tax

    €42.50 Incl. Tax

  6. Translucent deck for stereo microscopes - Jeulin
    Translucent deck for stereo microscopes
    Fits stereo microscopes that can support a platinum disc of diameter 95 mm.
    €25.00 Excl. Tax €30.00 Incl. Tax
  7. Cleaning kit for microscopes - Jeulin
    Cleaning kit for microscopes
    Comprehensive cleaning kit for microscopes maintenance.
    €32.50 Excl. Tax €39.00 Incl. Tax
  8. BULBS, NON-HALOGEN - Jeulin
    Can be adapted on the top illumination of binocular magnifiers and on the – lower illumination of binocular magnifiers.
    €8.25 Excl. Tax €9.90 Incl. Tax
  9. Halogene bulb 12V/10 W - Jeulin
    Halogene bulb 12V/10 W
    Specifications:G4-type bulbs12 V / 10 – W
    €3.13 Excl. Tax €3.76 Incl. Tax
  10. DUST REMOVER - Jeulin
    This accessory enables you to keep the lens perfectly – clean.
    €14.75 Excl. Tax €17.70 Incl. Tax
  11. Optical wiping paper - Jeulin
    €3.92 Excl. Tax €4.70 Incl. Tax