Computer Desks

The computer furniture system FORMAT PLUS allows to associate, within the same establishment or the same classrooms, three models of computer tables offering a different screen management (laid, built-in and retractable screens). This furniture system also allows the accessibility for people with reduced mobility (PRM) with the possibility of height adjustment. Conform to safety and stability standards: NF EN 1729 1 and 2.
  1. Go Cabby Suitcase - Jeulin
    Go Cabby Suitcase
    To transport, recharge and synchronize 16 tablets
  2. LabCabby 16V Cart   - Jeulin
    LabCabby 16V Cart
    Store and recharge 16 Notebooks simply and securely
  3. TabCabby 32H Cart - Jeulin
    TabCabby 32H Cart
    Store and recharge 32 tablets simply and securely