Projector Lamps

If your projector bulb burns out, do not try to fix it. Indeed, repairing a projector bulb is a highly discouraged because craft attempt that may affect your safety. You can, however replace it easily and safely thanks to the many choices of replacement lamps for projectors that are offered on our website. Original Lamp for projector Certified by the manufacturer, the original projector lamp preserves the maintenance of guarantee enjoyed by the purchaser of the projector. In fact, if you substitute the original lamp of your video projector with a compatible lamp, you automatically lose the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Compatible projector lamp the compatible lamp for projector provides the best price / performance.
The features it has are similar to the original replacement lamp, but are not manufactured by the 4 main manufacturers.
  1. Spare lamp for Nobo S25 video projector - Jeulin
  2. Spare lamp for Nobo S28 video projector - Jeulin