What type of plates to choose? Support: Polyester: recommended for eluents with high water content. Withstand temperatures of 160 ° C and all solvents. Aluminium: can be used at higher temperatures than the polyester films. Use of eluents with high proportion of mineral acids or ammonia, solubilizing aluminum. Absorbent: Cellulose: partition chromatography through polar interaction. Used for the separation of polar substances (amino acids, carboxylic acids, carbohydrates ...) Silica: normal phase chromatography. Wide area of use. Fluorescent indicator: detection of substances under the UV lamp at 254 nm. Green fluorescence is eliminated at the level of the substance if it absorbs from 230 nm. For revelation of amino acids with ninhydrin, it is preferable to use plates without fluorescent indicator. Warning: acid-sensitive.
  1. Paper for chromatography Roll - Jeulin
    Paper for chromatography Roll
    Papier spécial pour la chromatographie.
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  2. UV tube 365 nm - Jeulin
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  3. Plaques CCM - Jeulin
    Plaques CCM
    Différents supports/absorbants au choix – 2 formats au choix : – - 80 x 40 mm en boite de 50 – - 200 x 200 mm en boite de 25
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