Melting Point

Jeulin offers for measuring the melting point of a substance, a range of analog and digital measuring instruments for fast operation and reproducible and accurate results. For a more educational approach, Jeulin provides an apparatus consisting of a hot metal plate, the Kofler bench, a reference in the field.
  1. Kofl er heating bench - Jeulin
    Kofl er heating bench
    • Rapid determination of melting points between 50° and 260°C – • Accurate and high-quality measurements
    €2,049.17 Excl. Tax €2,459.00 Incl. Tax
  2. Digital melting-point device - Jeulin
    Digital melting-point device
    • Digital temperature selection and control – • Simultaneous study 2 samples – • Accurate, robust and reliable (Pt100 probe incorporated)...
    €814.00 Excl. Tax €976.80 Incl. Tax
    Facile à utiliser – Jusqu'à 3 tests simultanés – Thermomètre sans mercure – Instructions imprimées directement sur l'appareil.
    €668.00 Excl. Tax €801.60 Incl. Tax
  4. Economical digital melting point - Jeulin
    Economical digital melting point
    Simple and easy to use Excellent measurement range Selection and digital temperature display High accuracy of 0.1 ° C Two samples tested simultaneously
    €665.83 Excl. Tax €799.00 Incl. Tax
  5. Silicone oil - Jeulin
    Silicone oil
    Pour appareils points de fusion
    €11.25 Excl. Tax €13.50 Incl. Tax
  6. Thiele tube - Jeulin
    Thiele tube
    Simple device for measuring melting points
    €20.00 Excl. Tax €24.00 Incl. Tax
  7. Capillary tubes for melting point - Jeulin
    €11.42 Excl. Tax €13.70 Incl. Tax
  8. TUBES, CAPILLARY - Jeulin
    €17.08 Excl. Tax €20.50 Incl. Tax
  9. Set of 8 substances for Kofler bench - Jeulin
    Set of 8 substances for Kofler bench
    The samples are delivered in 8 flasks of 10ml each containing 2 g of powder. This pack includes: - Adipic acid -Benzil -Acetanilide - Benzoin -Benzanilide...
    €172.50 Excl. Tax €207.00 Incl. Tax