Analog Display

  1. Aneroid barometer - Jeulin
    Aneroid barometer
    Specifi cations – Graduated in mm of mercury. – Ø 100 mm. – Altitude-correction screw at rear. – Attachment for fastening. –...
    €28.75 Excl. Tax €34.50 Incl. Tax
  2. Torricelli barometer without mercury - Jeulin
    Torricelli barometer without mercury
    Assembly mounted on a dimensionally stable support comprising a U-shaped tube having a red liquid along with a thermometer for adjusting the pressure...
    €175.83 Excl. Tax €211.00 Incl. Tax
  3. Needle manometer - Jeulin
    Needle manometer
    thread outlet Ø 21 mm with pitch normalized gas (ISO)
    €52.50 Excl. Tax €63.00 Incl. Tax