Renewable Energy & Photovoltaics

Education for Sustainable Development: the future is in your hands It is through innovation that energy sources of tomorrow will be born Fuel Cells (PEM), wind, solar panels are all clean energy that we need to master to make the most. Having this in mind, we offer in partnership with Horizon Fuel Cell a range of educational products at the forefront of technology to enable everyone to understand renewable energy. Playful and accessible to students manipulations, our "fuel cell" kits are essential tools for Colleged and High School students. In order to find out more on the research and innovation, our fuel cells 12-5000 W will give you easy access, efficiency and cost of these technologies to implement your projects on energy.
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  1. Polycrystalline solar panel - Jeulin
  2. Solar panels - Jeulin
    Solar panels
    • Ideal for classroom exercises – • Possible to compare two types of panels
  3. 400 W halogen projector - Jeulin
  4. Energy and yield models - Jeulin
    Energy and yield models
    • Energy studies using 3 types of energy: light, electrical and mechanical – • Detailed instructions included
  5. Kit bike alternator - Jeulin
    Kit bike alternator
    Déjà démonté et dégraissé – Schéma photocopiable d'un éclaté – Montable et démontable rapidement
  6. Solar generator module - Jeulin
    Solar generator module
    • A real world tool for investigating the production of photovoltaic energy – • Compact – • Solar cells placed in series – • 2 types...
  7. Hydro-electric power station model - Jeulin
    Hydro-electric power station model
    Comprendre le principe de fonctionnement d'une centrale hydraulique – Reproduction fidèle à la réalité – Réserve d'eau intégrée, hauteur de...
  8. Air and water turbines - Jeulin
    Air and water turbines
    Montages simples à réaliser – Manipulation en intérieur ou en extérieur
  9. "Electric power production" set - Jeulin
    "Electric power production" set
    Simple mountings to perform, indoor or outdoor manipulations
  10. Wind generator - Jeulin
    Wind generator
    Economique et réaliste – Fonctionnelle – Visuelle – Transparente
  11. Electrolyser with interchangeable electrodes - Jeulin
    Electrolyser with interchangeable electrodes
    • Ni, Fe, Cu and C electrodes – • Multi-use
  12. Electrolyser withplatinum electrodes - Jeulin
    Electrolyser withplatinum electrodes
    Cuve réalisée en matière plastique incassable, inattaquable par les acides et les bases minérales – Socle large conférant une parfaite stabilité...
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