Oscillating Systems

Nos offres modluaires permettant de mettre en oeuvre pendules simples, pendules pesant, pendule à oscillations forçées.
  1. Pendulum with variable parameters - Jeulin
    Pendulum with variable parameters
    The string can be selectively fixed – String length adjustable – Angles can be easily read – Delivered with 3 masses of the same of...
  2. Forced oscillations - Jeulin
    Forced oscillations
    Experiments with exciter pendulum and resonator pendulum
  3. System for hanging the mass - Jeulin
  4. Spring pendulum - Jeulin
  5. Pendulums sensor kit - Jeulin
  6. Simple pendulum - Jeulin
  7. Weight or double pendulum - Jeulin
  8. Pendulums support kit - Jeulin
  9. Pendulum kit - Jeulin
    Pendulum kit
    The different elements are simple to attach – Length, mass and damping are variable – Low friction
  10. Vertical elastic pendulum - Jeulin
    Vertical elastic pendulum
    Simple variation of all studied parameters
  11. Excitation system for vertical pendulum - Jeulin
    Excitation system for vertical pendulum
    Study of mechanical resonance – Comparison of the period for the exciter and the resonator – Influence of damping on the amplitude of oscillations
  12. Simple and weight pendulum set - Jeulin
    Simple and weight pendulum set
    Mesures informatisées d'une grande précision – Vérification de la loi d'isochronisme des petites oscillations