1. Neon lamp on support - Jeulin
  2. Spectro projector - Jeulin
    Spectro projector
    Dispersion of the light projected on a screen Facilitates the group work and the investigative approach Tank-holder and integrated filters Light source:...
  3. Spectroscope with slit - Jeulin
    Spectroscope with slit
    100% metal – With tank holder
  4. Additional tanks for ref. 213 038 - Jeulin
  5. Graduated spectroscope - Jeulin
    Graduated spectroscope
    Flat spectroscope, containing a graduated reticle. It – enables you to read the wave length (from 400 to 700 nm) of diffracted – lines...
  6. Single bezel goniometer - Jeulin
    Single bezel goniometer
    Permet une approche simple de la goniométrie – Accessoires : réseau et prisme fournis
  7. Grating spectroscope - Jeulin
  8. Spectroscope with fine slit - Jeulin
    Spectroscope with fine slit
    Bon rapport qualité/prix pour ce spectroscope à la luminosité excellente
  9. Economical spectrogoniometer - Jeulin
    Economical spectrogoniometer
    For observing and measuring absorption and emission spectrums – Can measure the angle and index of a prism or the spacing of a grating