Les maquettes dédiées à l'étude du son permettant de découvrir avec un minimum de contraintes les bases de l'acoustique.
  1. 10 W / 8 Ω protected loudspeaker, for teaching - Jeulin
  2. 2 W audio amplifier - Jeulin
    2 W audio amplifier
    Simple to use – Excellent value for money
  3. Tube for attenuation of sound - Jeulin
    Tube for attenuation of sound
    Integrated loudspeakerCompare the phonic insulation of different materials
  4. Spectrasons - Jeulin
    • Quick confi guration – • Simple and complex signals on 2 independent outputs – • Results usable with loudspeaker or headset, oscilloscope...
  5. 3-loudspeaker test bench - Jeulin
    3-loudspeaker test bench
    The ideal solution for studying sound
  6. "Ampli-sons" amplifier - Jeulin
    "Ampli-sons" amplifier
    Microphone and headset jack plugEntirely protectedFilter for treble and bass
  7. Kundt's tube with analog output - Jeulin
    Kundt's tube with analog output
    Study of stationary waves – Recording the raw signal and the envelope curve – Use with an oscilloscope or datalogging tools
  8. Loudspeaker - Jeulin
  9. Bench for studying a sound waves - Jeulin
  10. Sound-level meter, with cords - Jeulin
    Sound-level meter, with cords
    Large model 1.15 m long – Excellent sound quality – Bridges easily locatable
  11. Sound-absorbing pack of materials - Jeulin
  12. Anechoic chamber - Jeulin
    Anechoic chamber
    Acoustically isolated model to contain the noise Conveniently transportable, use and storage format Compatible sound level meter, computer Assisted Experimentation...