WeDo, Sciences & Technologies

Build models mechanisms or animals. Program simply their actions and behaviors Learn the operation of sensors and motors The basic kit includes more than 150 construction elements with a motor, a motion sensor, an inclinometer and a LEGO USB hub in a convenient storage box. To schedule your constructions, you can use the LEGO WeDo software.
  1. Pack WeDo1 - Jeulin
    Pack WeDo1
    Idéal pour retrouver les éléments clés de vos produits LEGO Education
    €6.49 Excl. Tax €7.79 Incl. Tax
  2. CD Ressources Énergies Renouvelables - Jeulin
    CD Ressources Énergies Renouvelables
    Permet d'explorer les 3 pri ipales sources d'énergies renouvelables : le soleil, le vent et l'eau