Melde's apparatus with diaphragm

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Oscillating rod with tightening screw
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Data sheet Melde's apparatus with diaphragm


Vibrator made up of a loudspeaker's one linked to a
vertically vibrating rod. The rod's end is equipped with a clamp screw to fix a
cord or a spring.Power supply carried out by a low frequency generator
delivering 20 Vdc (not supplied). Maximal vibration amplitude obtained for a
frequency not far from 40 Hz.The use of a low frequency generator amplifier
(not supplied) enables the increase of vibration's amplitude. To be completed with a spring or cord to show longitudinal and transversal vibration. To be used with a 50 g mass (max.) for the cord's stress.



Max. voltage:
12 V.
Connection: Ø 4mm safety
Protection: resettable fuse
Dimensions: 135 x 92 x 80 mm.

Mass: 640 g.

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