Motor and generator model

• Experimental study of an energy chain
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Data sheet Motor and generator model


In particular, this model lets you:
- calculate the yield of the installation
according to the rotation speed,
- trace the no-load voltage curve of a generator,
according to the rotation speed,
- trace the current / voltage characteristic
of a generator on a variable load,
at constant speed,
- demonstrate the reversibility of a motor or
Gearbox model
• Economical solution
• Numerous measurements possible (torque, speed, power)
• Outcomes shown visually
Topics covered:
- variation in the speed of a motor at a continuous
- reduction or gearing ratios by geared
- engine torque, load torque,
- mechanical and electrical power,
- yield of a transmission,
- relationship between linear speed and angular
Electrical power: 12 V direct.
3 reduction ratios.
Tachometric measurement support.
Choice of the direction of rotation.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 200 × 100 × 110 mm.
Ref. 280 001
Nominal values: voltage 12 V, rotation speed with
no load 12,000 rpm, motors protected against
4 mm safety sockets.
Device for measuring the common rotation speed using
the oscilloscope or frequency meter.
Dimensions: 160 x 120 x 80 mm.


Connexion : douilles banane de sécurité Ø 4 mm.
Dimensions : 160 x 120 x 80 mm.


- 2 moteurs dont 1 fonctionnant en génératrice : valeurs nominales : tension 12 V, vitesse de rotation à vide : 12 000 tr / mn, protection contre les surtensions. Dispositif de mesure de la vitesse commune de rotation à l'oscilloscope ou au fréquencemètre.
Theme: human histology Electricity generation / AC and DC

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