Rotating frame Ref:292015

• Concept of electromotive force
• Infl uence of the speed of rotation and the position
of the magnet in relation to the frame
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Data sheet Rotating frame


When the coil (frame) turns in front of a
magnet or even in the earth's magnetic fi eld,
a periodic current is generated (between 50 and
100 μA with a magnet, between 5 and 8 μA in
the earth's magnetic fi eld).
Frame composed of a nylon coil with square core
43 x 43 mm. Coil made of enamelled copper wire with
2,500 turns.
Connections: 2 safety banana sockets of Ø 4 mm.


Cadre composé d'une bobine nylon à noyau carré 43 x 43 mm.
Bobinage en fil cuivre émaillé 2 500 spires. Connexions : 2 douilles bananes de sécurité Ø 4 mm.

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