Ultrasonic waves

Compact and complete Activities silently (ultrasound)Pen format probe with unprecedented phase indicator Numerous experiments (diffraction, interference ...) Many accessories (reflection, refraction ...)
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Data sheet Ultrasonic waves


This device is designed to introduce and characterize the ultrasonic waves that propagate into the surrounding environment. Using worksheets and masks provided to arrange the various elements enable clear and easy to implement mounts on a mattress.The 40 kHz ultrasonic transmitters and receivers, associated with many of the provided accessories, allow, using probes, to draw the mapping of the acoustic field. One of these probes has a LED display function for determining the phase with respect to a selected measuring point in order to draw wavefronts of same phase value (isophases) A burst generator allowing the synchronization between the transmitted and received signal allows measuring the sound velocity, wavelength and distance (telemetry). In order to determine the amplitude of the ultrasonic waves, the signals are exploitable with a multimeter, an oscilloscope or an Computer Assisted Experimentation console.


Fréquences émises : 40 kHz
Salves de 1 ms toutes les 6 ms. Rapport Cyclique : 1/6
entrées/sorties : BNC


1 appareil de service US
2 émetteurs d'ultrasons 40 kHz
2 sondes microphoniques
1 stylo ultrasonique
1 miroir semi-creux
2 plaques / miroir US
1 ensemble pour fente double
1 miroir semi-transparent US
1 absorbeur d'ultrasons
2 câbles BNC
1 câble BNC / douilles de sécurité 4 mm
Feuille de travail et masques
1 bloc d'alimentation 12 V CA, 700 mA
Theme: human histology Reflection, Radiation diagram, Telemetry, Ultrasound speed, Transmission / reception

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