10 bar compressed oxygen


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Data sheet 10 bar compressed oxygen


Gas in a 1L bottle providing about 10 L of expanded gas under normal temperature and pressure. Operating pressure of about 10 bar greatly limiting the risk associated with the bottle handling. These bottles require using a low pressure valve not included.(see valve for 10 bars compressed gas ref. 701099)
Conseils de prudence P P102-P244-P220-P370+P376-P403
Gaz Oxygen
Mention d'avertissement Danger
Mentions de danger H H270-H280
N° CAS 007782-44-7
Product starting with the letter O
Type of product Produits chimiques

Other Specifications

Bouteille en aluminium avec valve.
Dimensions (hauteur x diamètre) : 250 x 80 mm
Pression : 10 bars (env.)
Volume : 1 L
Charge de gaz : 10 L (env.) Pureté : > 99 %