1G-7 Colorimeter

Operates with 10 x 10 mm tank or 14 mm test tube.
May be used as a stand-alone measuring device or under Computer Assisted Experimentation.
7 LEDs providing an extended spectral coverage and excellent accuracy.
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Data sheet 1G-7 Colorimeter


Compact, versatile and very easy to use, this colorimeter allows carrying out measurements and dosages in transmission (0 to 100%) or absorbance.
It is versatile, may be used in Physics and Life Sciences (Beer-Lambert, Enzymo).
It may be used as a measuring device or connected to a Computer Assisted Experimentation interface via integrated analog output.
The 1G-7 colorimeter is equipped with a large graphic display (6.6 cm) and a single mode dial for simple navigation.


- Source: Del
- 7 different wavelengths: 470, 525, 570, 590, 610, 636, 660 nm,
- Absorbance: -3 to +3 abs,
- Transmission: 0 to 100 % T,
- Analogue output on Ø 4 mm safety banana sockets,-3 V / 3 V corresponding to -3 abs / 3 abs absorbance, 0 V / 1 V corresponding to 0 / 100 % transmission,
- Power supply: USB mini power supply (included),
- Dimensions: 160 x120 x70 mm.
Analog output Yes
Thématique Lycée Mesure numérique
Wavelength 470,525,570,590,610,636,660 nm
Display Yes
Number of wavelength 7
Power supply mini USB supply (provided)
Interface No
Technology LED
Absorbance -3 / 3
Transmission 0 / 100 %
Type of product Mesure chimique
Porte échantillon Cuves 10 x 10 mm ou des tubes à essais Ø 14 mm

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