2-terminal-circuits on base (pack of 5)

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Data sheet 2-terminal-circuits on base (pack of 5)


The 5 two-terminal-circuits on base gathered in this
set allow you to work on several experiments: - 2 E10 sockets:Variation of an indicator lamp's brightness
depending on its position in the circuit, the circuit is open when a lamp is
unscrewed. - 1 toggle
switch:An open switch behaves like an insulating material
and a closed switch behaves like a conductor. - 1 red protected
LED:Quote the conventional
direction of current, the behaviour of a diode is nearly the same as those of a
switch, depending on its connection direction. - 1 motor:Implementing material to supply a lamp or
start a motor.


1 interrupteur à levier sur support 1 DEL protégée sur support rouge ou verte 1 moteur sur support 2 douilles E10 sur support
Type of electrical component LED
Type of electrical component On stand

Other Specifications


1 toggle switch on base
1 protected LED on base (red or green) 
1 motor on base
2 E10 sockets on base

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