20 kHz didactic function generator

  • Compatible with all kind of loud speaker
  • Covers the whole audible band
  • Compact
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Data sheet 20 kHz didactic function generator


This simplified Function generator allows the generation of different kind of signals: sinus, triangle or square.
The frequency adjustment via the button +/- is gradual, which accelerates the frequency sweep.
A button "rand" sends an unknown frequency so that the student enters in an investigation process.
Maximum frequency 20 kHz
Min. frequency 50 Hz
Type of product Sons et ultrasons

Other Specifications

Power supply : 12 V - 0,5 A (mains to be purchased separately)
Frequency sweep : 50 Hz to 20 kHz
Wave form : sinus, triangle ou carré
Output: safety sockets ∅ 4 mm