250 mL separating funnel

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Data sheet 250 mL separating funnel


250 mL separating funnel, entirely made of plastic.
- Body of the funnel made of  PET for the transparency,- PP/PE tap
for the mechanical resistance,- Silicon tap for the durability.
The tap may be disassembled to ease the cleaning of the
funnel.High resistance to oils, alcohols, diluted acids and bases.Do
not bring this separating funnel into contact with chlorinated
or aromatic solvents or with ketones. Dimensions:
220 mm Max. Ø: 53 mm.
Capacity 250 mL
Form Cylindrique
L. approx. (mm) 220 mm
Material 3.3 borosilicate glass
Packaging Single
Stopper n°4
Type of key Plastique démontable

Other Specifications

Longueur : 220 mm env.
Diamètre max. : 53 mm.