3-loudspeaker test bench


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Data sheet 3-loudspeaker test bench


This 3-loudspeaker test bench lets you show that each loudspeaker, favours a specific frequency band.
This separation of frequency bands can provide audio systems of the home-cinema type with several loudspeakers with excellent sound quality, in contrast to a broad band loudspeaker.
Requires an amplified low-frequency generator.


- 1 woofer 8'' 40 W, 40 - 5000 Hz
- 1 mid-range speaker 4'' 12 W, 90 - 10000 Hz
- 1 tweeter 10 W, 3000 - 20000 Hz
Theme: human histology Bandwidth, Sound intensity level

Other Specifications

Input: safety sockets Ø 4mm
Operation of loudspeakers: simultaneous or independent via switch

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