5/10 N bi-calibre circular dynamometer

  • - The double graduation scale with 2 colors is very helpful
  • - The magnetic support is powerful
  • - The Ø 150 mm of the dynamometer makes is visible from the whole class
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Data sheet 5/10 N bi-calibre circular dynamometer


The exerted force acts on a spring fixed on a pulley mounted on ball bearing.The pulley has two diameters (blue and red) enabling you to choose between both graduated scales.
The zero adjustment is made thanks to the rotation of the graduated scale around the axis (then, blocking by screw at the periphery).
To be completed with a box of hooked masses and a magnetic board.
Force 5/10 N
Graduation 0.1/0.2 N
Type of dynamometer Circulaire

Other Specifications

Force : 5/10 N
Graduation : 0,1/0,2 N
Dimensions : Ø 150 x 75 mm