5-beam-source, 12 V / 55 W, for demonstration

  • Beams visibility greater than 1 m in darkness
  • No thermal heat risks, temperature less than 40 °C
  • Filters to color beams provided
  • Magnetic box
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Data sheet 5-beam-source, 12 V / 55 W, for demonstration


High-luminosity source producing 5 parallel beams, for demonstration in darkness.
The intensity is continuously adjustable to obtain a very luminous trace on 30 cm or a trace on more than 1 m.
The beam spacing is sufficient to clearly distinguish them from more than 1m. Two magnetic overlays enable the obtention of a single beam, 3 tight beams or 3 spaced beams.
A fan ensures the cooling of the metallic box.
The powerful magnetic box enables the adhesion on any type of magnetic board.
Height 20 cm
Length 31 cm
Practical themes Rectilinear propagation of light, Demonstration lasers & light sources
Width 22 cm

Other Specifications

Power supply: 12 V (AC/DC)
Umax: 12 V
Imax: 4.5 A
Width of the 5 beams: 70 mm
Spacing: 17 mm
Dimensions: 120 x 195 x 105 mm
Mass: 1.2 kg

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