5-beam-source, 12 V / 55 W, for demonstration

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Beams visibility greater than 1 m in darkness
No thermal heat risks, temperature less than 40 °C
Filters to color beams provided
Magnetic box
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Data sheet 5-beam-source, 12 V / 55 W, for demonstration


High-luminosity source producing 5 parallel beams, for demonstration in darkness. The intensity is continuously adjustable to obtain a very luminous trace on 30 cm or a trace on more than 1 m. The beam spacing is sufficient to clearly distinguish them from more than 1m. Two magnetic overlays enable the obtention of a single beam, 3 tight beams or 3 spaced beams. A fan ensures the cooling of the metallic box. The powerful magnetic box enables the adhesion on any type of magnetic board.


Power supply: 12 V (AC/DC)
Umax: 12 V
Imax: 4.5 A
Width of the 5 beams: 70 mm
Spacing: 17 mm
Dimensions: 120 x 195 x 105 mm
Mass: 1.2 kg
Practical themes Rectilinear propagation of light, Demonstration lasers & light sources
Width 22 cm
Length 31 cm
Height 20 cm

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