A device for studying the thermal resistance

  • Studying three parameters: conduction, radiation and thermal resistance.Single implementation Student economic equipment.Can be used in a Computer Assisted Experimentation or with conventional measuring devices. Perfectly adapted to the investigative process.
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Data sheet A device for studying the thermal resistance


The device for studying the thermal resistance is composed of two compartments.One (on the left of the photo) supports the blocks so that their joint surfaces are in close contact. This first situation allows to study the heat transfer by conduction and to distinctly compare the difference in thermal resistance between aluminum and steel.The second (on the right of the photo) is designed so as to let an air sample between the hot and cold block. In this second case, the student is studying radiation. This space also allows to insert plates of different insulation materials commonly used at home, to establish a quantitative classification of their thermal resistances. These samples (2 plastic of the same plastic but of different densities, 1 wood and 1 polystyrene) were specifically sized to obtain significant comparative results. The plastic plates were being of different densities, the comparative analysis of their heat transfer allows the student to understand the reason why in the manufacturers data tables, the thermal resistance value, for a given material, is expressed on a value fork. Using the aluminum gives a high heat flow between the two blocs and therefore to produce a series of acquisitions during the same PW session. The temperature measurement is carried out through a hole located in the heart of the blocks. It allows to accommodate the temperature sensors of 3 or 6 mm diameter. Plastics rods allow to dispose the block previously heated in the foam housing, thus securing the manipulations performed by the student.


Malette adiabatique (170 x 120 x 50 mm)
2 blocs acier (30 x 55 x 10 mm)
2 blocs aluminium (30 x 55 x 10 mm)
2 tiges en plastique
4 plaques de matériaux de résistances thermiques différentes
Theme: human histology Conduction / convection
Transfert d'énergie thermique

Retrouvez un TP complet présentant ce matériel sur www.jeulin.fr associé à la référence 253115.

Il est possible de réaliser les manipulations avec ces maquettes de 2 façons :
- non informatisée avec 2 thermomètres numériques (exemple ci-dessous : thermomètres Initio® 2 réf. 251180) et 1 chronomètre.
- informatisée avec une console, des capteurs et un logiciel. Plus de détails voir chapitre Ex.A.O.