Active mechanical smoker model

Works with cigarettes without tobacco or nicotine.
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Data sheet Active mechanical smoker model


The smoker is represented by 1 model and has 1 transparent thoracic chamber with 2 lungs and a housing to place a filter.
The air inhaled through the mouth via a syringe passes through the lung filter before being discharged.
The tar deposit is visible on the filter.

The smoker assembled on stand, receives a cigarette. Eight drawings, on the back of the model, address the different pathologies related to smoking.
Type of product Maquettes et matériel expérimental, biologie
Screen-printed panel 200 x 465 mm, 2 support plates, 1 syringe, 3 connecting tubes, 1 transluscent thoracic chamber.
To be assembled.
This device functions with tobacco-free and nicotine-free cigarettes.
Supplied with 10 filters and a user manual precising the instructions for assembly and use.

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