Additive color model

  • 3 independent intensities
  • suitable to be projected on a screen or on a ceiling
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Data sheet Additive color model


This model is ideal to emphasize the additive color synthesis, using the 3 primary colors.
The tilting lamps are mounted with a potentiometer which allows an independent adjustment of the 3 light intensities in an automous way. The possible coimpositions are therefore widespread.
The luminous flux can be projected on a screen or at a higher distance (ceiling of a classroom for example...).

This model will allow to introduce the impact of a flat screen and the notion of pixel.
Used with a spectrometer, this model will allow to demonstrate that the color perceived by the eye is composed of various wavelenghts. Their intensity will be thus easily measurable.


3 tillting lamps with potentiometers
Mains adaptator included
Type of product Optique