Adjustable green laser diode

  • Adjustable: study of the transmission of information with light Usable as a conventional laser source in optical experiments CompactIntegrated Battery Power
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Data sheet Adjustable green laser diode


Set contains: - One 1 mW laser diode in housing having an analog input for modulating the beam, - 1 optical fiber with a removable fixing system The diode is equipped with a vertical adjustment system for facilitating the optical alignment in conventional use.
Practical themes Rectilinear propagation of light, Optical fiber & transmission of information, Demonstration lasers & light sources
Propagation medium Optical fiber
Transmission source Laser

Other Specifications

Longueur d'onde : 532 nm.
Puissance : 1 mW (classe II).
Ø du rayon (à 5 m) : 8 mm.
Réglage vertical : ±3°.
Modulation : tension TTL (5 V), entrée sur 2 douilles Ø 4 mm. Protection contre les dépassements en tension du signal de modulation.
Alimentation : 2 piles 1,5 V type AA (LR6), fournies.
Autonomie : 15 heures en fonctionnement continu. Fibre optique : 5 mètres, fournie.
Dimension diode laser : 100 x 100 x 40 mm.
Masse : 220 g.
Modulation, demodulation of a signal and transmission of data by a laser beam