Air and water turbines

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Data sheet Air and water turbines


This set of material allows the student to rapidly build a system for air or
water electric power generation.Thus, they will be able to compare their
results depending on the selected method.In order to obtain more
accurate qualitative results, it is possible to couple these products to the
strength indicator ref. 282 009.
Theme: human histology Electricity generation / AC and DC
Type of product Alternators / generators

Other Specifications

Air turbine:
1 electric motor (1.5 V / 70 mA, 1200
One 4-blade-air-propeller Ø 56 mm

1 bike alternator
One 8-blade-paddle Ø 185

Signal display:
2 cords L = 500 mm, with alligator
clips at each end, for connection to the motor or alternator lug.

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