"Ampli-sons" amplifier

  • Microphone and headset jack plugEntirely protectedFilter for treble and bass
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Data sheet "Ampli-sons" amplifier


For your experiments, you have at your disposal:-
one input for microphone on 6.35 mm female Jack plug or 4 mm banana plugs,-
one adjustment button for trebles, basses and volume,- one output on 4 mm
banana plugs and two 3.5 mm Jack female plugs for headphones,- a second
independent amplifier (or pre-ampli), simple (designed from an op-amp), having a
10 to 100 gain. Case protected against change of polarity and overvoltages by diodes and two 250 mA fuses.
Low impedance input & output (headphones, speakers) Yes
Theme: human histology Bandwidth, Sound intensity level, Filtering process - equalization

Other Specifications

Specifications: - Bandwidth:
5 Hz to 20 kHz- Power:10 W- Output
impedance:4 Ω- Power supply:- 15/0/+ 15 V- 4 mm
safety sockets- Dimensions:160 x 120 x 80 mm-
Mass:about 350 gPatented model

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