Analog blood grouping test


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Data sheet Analog blood grouping test


This kit contains all the necessary products for the simulation of a blood group determination.The rection is a chemical precipitation visually similar to the phenomena observed during the agglutination of red blood cells. This analog kit of blood grouping does not contain products of human origin. With the analog blood grouping test, students carry out agglutination tests between blood and Anti A, Anti B and Anti-Rh sera (all fake) and observe the agglutination results.


- 30 plaques avec logements pour les réactions, réutilisables
- Sang synthétique (4 échantillons différents)
- Sérum anti-Rh (D) synthétique
- Sérum anti-A synthétique
- Sérum anti-B synthétique
- Agitateurs (120 bleus, 120 jaunes et 120 blancs
Theme Immunology
Type of product Kits SVT