Anechoic chamber

  • Acoustically isolated model to contain the noise Conveniently transportable, use and storage format Compatible sound level meter, computer Assisted Experimentation or stand-alone.
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Data sheet Anechoic chamber


This model which walls are covered with sound-absorptionfoamed allows to carry out 3 types of experiments: - Measuring the noise level in dB - Studying the sound-insulating capacity of materialsof different natures, 1 to 1 or combined The buzzer positioned in its place and insulating materials inserted between the buzzer and the sound level meter - Measuring the sound intensity decrease depending on the distance.A graduated rod to be screwed to the buzzer can easily adjust the distance with the sound level meter and measure the corresponding noise. In order to avoid any noise before and after the manipulation, the buzzer is activated with a switch and turned off at the opening of the model photodetector system.
Theme: human histology Sound intensity level, Sound attenuation
Type of product Sons et ultrasons

Other Specifications

Dimensions : 400 × 500 × 150 mm
Diamètre sonomètre : 13 mm max
Source sonore : Buzzer