Anti-microbial susceptibility testing kit


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Data sheet Anti-microbial susceptibility testing kit


Compare the effi ciency of 4 different antibiotics on 2 strains of bacteria to
illustrate the concept of genetic variation in bacteria.


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1 tube Inoculum Escherichia coli, culture dense lyophilisée. (Souche pasteur)
1 tube Inoculum Staphylococcus epidermidis, culture dense lyophilisée
+ Tubes stériles d'eau physiologique 2 x 50 mL
- Milieu nutritif non sélectif prêt à couler (1 L)
- Antibiotiques : Gentamicine 15µg, Pristamycine 15µg, Acide Nalixidique 30µg, Acide Pipemidique 20µg
Theme Microbiology
Type of product Kits SVT

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