Apparatus for the study of forces

  • Direct display of force lines
  • Experiment can be performed by each student
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Data sheet Apparatus for the study of forces


Plate with 3 swiveling arms with a low friction on which are mounted Ø 50mm pulleys .
An axis fits in the back of the plate to secure the whole on a universal holder.


-1 axis Ø 12 mm
-1 plate 350 x 350 mm
-3 pivoting arms
-3 pulleys on ball bearing Ø 50 mm
-3 dynamometers 1 N with their support
-1 ruler connected to 1 magnetised stud
-3 magnetic pins
-3 strings with hooks
-3 strings mounted on ring
-3 plates with hook rod
-7 square additional loads
-1 plastic bevel square
-1 instruction sheet with experiments
Notion in statics Force
Type of dynamometer Circulaire
Type of product Mécanique