Autoclave 9L


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Data sheet Autoclave 9L


This new generation of autoclaves is designed to meet the requirements of performance and safety of Microbiology PWs. Entirely designed to guarantee the safety of professional and non-professional users such as students. Security - Automatic control of temperature and heating cycles.- Opening/closing enslaved to a safe temperature below 80°C. -Limits the risk of glassware explosion due to thermal shock Easy to use - Simplified programming system "one-touch". Performance -For preparations of sterile liquids and controlled disposal of microbiological waste.

Other Specifications

Largeur : 340 mm.
Diamètre de la cuve : 210 mm.
Température de stérilisation : 121 °C.
Pression : 1,05 bar.
Temps minimum d'un cycle : 22 minutes.
Temps d'un cycle normal : 70 minutes.
Puissance : 1 500 W.
Fourni avec panier.

Autoclave 9 L : Hauteur ext./int. 335/236 mm. Masse : 4.1 kg.
Autoclave 12 L : Hauteur ext./int. 420/328 mm. Masse : 4.9 kg.