Balloon powered car

  • Study of uniformly accelerated motion
  • Influence of mass of the car
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Data sheet Balloon powered car


This kit allows to study uniformly accelerated motions. This acceleration is controlled by a nozzle on which is placed a balloon inflated with a pump.
Masses may be disposed on the car to study the impact on kinetic energy.


- 6 cars
- 6 check valves
- 6 valve supports
- 20 balloons
- 1 balloon pump
Computerization of measurements Video
Type of device Others
Type of experiment Translation

Other Specifications

Dimensions: 7 x 5 cm
1) Positionner le ballon sur la valve anti-retour
2) Tirer sur la valve pour laisser passer l'air
3) Gonfler le ballon à l'aide de la pompe fournie
4) Refermer la valve une fois le ballon gonflé
5) Réaliser l'acquisition du mouvement avec une webcam ou une caméra rapide :

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