Bench for measuring thermal resistance

  • • Direct graphic reading of the stationary rate
  • • Parameter validation by the student (thickness, surface)
  • • Automatic temperature regulation
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Data sheet Bench for measuring thermal resistance


This bench permits :
- to measure thermal resistance of different material in a steady state
- to evaluate the efficiency of an additive isolating layer
- to measure the flux between 2 faces
- to compare thermal conductivity of materials

Thanks to a gravity lock systema, homogeneous thickness is ensured for all provided samples.
Jaw opening permits to overlay samples until 10 mm high.

User interface helps students in taking into account all experimental parameters entering in the relation between thermal flux, thermal resitance and delta of temperature.
This delta of temperature is automatically regulated by this device.
The steady state is verified all along the PW thanks to the display ensuring an optimum experimental value.

Thanks to the analogue outputs of this bench, students will be able to follow simultaneously the regulated temperature and the thermal flux.
So, it's easy to compare thermal resistances of the different samples or combination of samples.
Theme: human histology Conduction / convection

Other Specifications

Dimensions: 245 x 130 x 165 mm
Analogue outputs: ±5 V compatible with all datalogging interfaces
Thermal exchange surface: 40 x 40 mm
Maximum jaw opening: 10 mm
Samples in 40 x 40 mm: high-density PVC, low-density, PVC, plywood, glass, polystyrene.
Power supply provided.