Bench for studying a sound waves


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Data sheet Bench for studying a sound waves


Study the vibration states of the air contained in a tube subject to sound waves. Detection of nodes and anti-nodes of pressure.


- 1 sound tube: tube made of transparent Plexiglas, dimensions (interior): Ø 45 mm x L 500 mm, held by 2 support cases.
- 1 loudspeaker: 8 Ω / 25 W, included in one of the support cases. Supply: by low-frequency generator (not provided), 10 V maximum.
- 1 microphone: electret type, fixed on a graduated sliding rule of 500 mm..
- 1 connection unit: for the polarisation of the electret microphone. Power supply 6 V, not provided.
Theme: human histology Wave length

Other Specifications

Connections: safety sockets (Ø 4 mm).
Total dimensions: 780 x 105 x 65 mm.