Bi-sexual human trunk

Complete: 37 removable parts, 151 marks and sexual
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Data sheet Bi-sexual human trunk


Contents:Open back with visible
vertebral column, stripped thigh, male and female sexual organs. Removable
head comprising a removable brain (8 parts).Other removable organs: set
vertebra/spinal cord (2 parts), lung (4 parts), set esophagus/aorta/trachea
(2 parts), removable heart (2 parts), removable half-kidney, set small
intestine/large intestine/pancreas (4 parts) with cuts at the level of the small
intestine and the colon, liver, stomach (2 parts), diaphragm.Sexual
complements: removable female part ; female set (2 parts + foetus) ; male
reproductive system (4 parts).
Removable into 37 parts. Height: 85
cm Mass: 12.35 kgSupplied assembled on base with user manual
refering to 151 references marked on the organs.


Opened back, removable male and female genital organs.
Removable head with 8-part brain.
Other removable organs: 2-part vertebra, 4-part lung, 2-part esophagus / aorta / trachea, 2-part heart, removable half kidney, liver, 2-part stomach, midriff.

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Comes with guide, on stand
Height 850 mm
Mass 12,3 kg
Number of pieces 37
Stand Yes
Type of anatomy models Human torsos
Height : 85 cm.
Weight : 12,35 kg
151 marks and related products