Binocular zoom magnifier Leica EZ4

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Data sheet Binocular zoom magnifier Leica EZ4


The compact and robust Leica EZ4 binocular zoom magnifier offers high quality optics. No diopter adjustment and the eyepieces (fitted with blinkers for eyeglass wearers) are sealed to avoid losing them. Fitted with a handle, it can be transported safely. stereoˈsterē-ō,ˈsti(ə)r-
Dioptric adjustment Non
Eyepieces x10/20 fixes
Field of view 25 mm en x8 à 5,7 mm en x35
Head Binoculaire, inclinée à 60°, avec oeillères amovibles
Illumination Incident and/or transmitted
Interpupillar distance 50 to 75 mm
Magnification x8 to x35
Objectives Zoom
Objectives Zoom 4.4:1
Power supply Bloc d'alimentation 100 à 240 V
Type of stereomicroscopes With inclined tubes
Working distance 100 mm
Working stage 1 transparent
Éclairage (détails) LED réglable incident et/ou transmis

Other Specifications

Dimension du socle : 255 x 372 x 181 mm environ.