Biological wastewater treatment plant

  • • Controlling a complete treatment process
  • • Integrated hydraulic circuit
  • • Risk-free
  • • Possible to monitor parameters using computer-assisted experimentation
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Data sheet Biological wastewater treatment plant


Analog Wastewater Treatment Model
The urban waste water (simulated by the synthetic effluent) is charged with organic substrate. The objective of the treatment is to separate the water from the substrate (by decantation) and to transform it into a masterable organic matter (microbial sludge).
It is the ideal device to concretely address complex biological processes (carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle).
This training device, designed as a wastewater treatment plant pilot, results in a COD reduction of the effluent charged with organic matter. It consists of an innovative experimental platform, which maintains the system of measurement, oxygenation and the hydraulic circuit.
Each tank has its own pump system, there is no direct intervention on the effluent.
Tray 1 - Primary decanter
This tank is used to prepare the effluent without destabilizing the reactor. The addition of effluent is gradual and measured by the graduated pump. This tank models the primary decantation of a station when adding sand, eg oil.
Tray 2 - The biological reactor
This is the place where the microorganisms degrade organic matter. It is therefore necessary to master the microbial ecology of the system, to manage the MO charge and oxygenation.
Tray 3 - The clarifier
The purpose of this latter tank is to separate the microbial sludge from the treated water. A part of the sludge is reintroduced (recycling) into the reactor and the other part is extracted for any specific treatment (digestion, concentration ...).


- 1 main platform (h 400 x L500 mm)
- 3 adjustable supports
- 1 settling tank 1L
- 1 reactor 2.5L
- 1 clarification tank 1L
- 6 rigid tubes
- 1 m of flexible tube
- 3 pumps (syringe + anti-return valve)
- magnetic turbulent
- 2 Modumontage stands
Type of product Maquettes et matériel expérimental, biologie