Bioreactor 3

  • • Built-in stirrer
  • • Captive plugs
  • • 2 usable volumes of tanks
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Data sheet Bioreactor 3


Perform your photosynthesis and yeast metabolism experiments in the best conditions.
2 tank volumes (10 and 20 mL): the probe holder can be positioned in 2 different ways, and thus determine 2 different usable volumes: you can adjust your protocol to obtain the best results.
Housing consists of a cover + movable metal shutters: assembly resistant to light,even intense conditions, without risk of damage.
A new probe holder with elastic support: specially adapted to probes of 12 mm diameter, its design provides optimal support to the probe at the desired and 6 mm depth. No more risk of the probe descending, or of impact against the magnet bar.
Thématique Lycée Fermentation, Respiration, Enzymologie, Photosynthèse

Other Specifications

Power supply not provided (281243 to order separately)