Bone sonogram pack

  • Complete solution for carrying out the ultrasound of a hidden bone
  • Perfectly suited for the 10th grade
  • A bluffing and educational activity for experimenting an exploration method by ultrasound
  • A Computer Assisted Experimentation dedicated module ensuring a progressive approach
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Data sheet Bone sonogram pack


This pack comprised of the sonogram model and ultrasound sensor is a turnkey solution to achieve a PW on the principle of sonogram by ultrasound.
The model is made of foams specifically selected for their properties depending on the ultrasound, the model hides a healthy or broken bone. Using the ultrasound sonogram sensor, students will experimentally, through a progressive approach, establish the diagnosis by analyzing the ultrasound behavior depending on the sensor position.
How is it possible to see invisible organs to the naked eye? How does a sonogram work? The model and the 3D ultrasound sensor allow discovering the principle of exploration by ultrasound, used in health. Students seek to identify and interpret 2 images obtained by ultrasound sonogram (here a normal and a broken bone). The Scientific Workshop module provides a didactic approach of the different phases of this medical imaging technique.
You already have a version of the scientific workshop? To update your software and operate with the 3D sonogram module, contact us.


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Other Specifications

Model dimensions : 300 x 200 x 80 mm