Botanical press

  • Standard A4 size: no paper cutting Drying 6 layers of samples simultaneously
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Data sheet Botanical press


Manipulation Collecting plants, leaves, flowers in dry weather, identifying them (name, family, harvesting location, date, ...). Spread the samples in the press between few leaves of paper towel. Daily gradually increase the clamping. The interlayers provided stiffen the whole and ensure the flatness of the samples placed in multiple layers upon drying in press.


- Presse constituée de 2 plateaux en bois et de 4 vis de serrage en plastique.
- 7 intercalaires cartonnés (6 couches d'échantillons).

Other Specifications

Dimensions des plateaux (L x l x h) : 30 x 25.5 x 1.7 cm env.