Boyle's law model

Screw piston allows for precise pressure control
Pressure limiter
3-channel valve for adjusting the volume of air
Graduations protected by a plastic film
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Data sheet Boyle's law model


- Syringe with screw-piston mounted on base. This
device enables you to accurately vary and maintain the pressure.
- A retractable safety device enables you to limit the pistons' stroke, and thus the pressure, in order to protect the manometer which will be connected to the system. The 3-way-valve has 2 functions: firstly, it enables to adjust the air volume to be introduced in the syringe,
then to cut the communication with the outside by introducing the manometer in the pressure circuit.
Theme: human histology Pressure
Type of product Mécanique, Physique-Chimie
- Syringe volume: 60 cm3.
- Dimensions: 150 x 70 x 220 mm
- Weight: 250 g.
- To be completed with an electronic pressure-meter or a pressure-meter with an analog output.
- Supplied with soft tubing (20 cm).
Vérification de la loi de Mariotte PV = Cste.

En utilisant un pressiomètre Initio® 2 et une console d'acquisition munie d'une entrée voltmètre, il est possible d'informatiser le TP.

Courbe de la pression en fonction du volume :

En utilisant les outils de calcul du logiciel Atelier Scientifique, mettre cette courbe sous la forme V = f(1/P).
En mettant l'équation des gaz parfaits P(Vtuyau + Vseringue) = NRT sous la forme V =a/p - b, faire une modélisation linéaire du relevé précédent pour déterminer a et b.
a = NRT et b le volume du tuyau

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