Bromine water ampoule kit

• Solutions chemically inert prior to mixing
• Production of small quantities of solution just prior to use
• Minimises the quantity of bromine water stored
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Data sheet Bromine water ampoule kit


The kit allows the production of bromine water at 3 g.L-1.
Set of 5 x 2 easy open ampoules containing the reactants to be mixed.
Pack of 5


Jeu de 5 x 2 ampoules sécables contentant des réactifs à mélanger.

Livré avec la notice.
Theme: human histology Functional groups in organic chemistry
Conseils de prudence P 1/2-26-27/28-36/37/39-38-45-61-63
Mentions de danger H 26-35-50
Conditioned per 5

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