Bulb condenser - Grounded/screwed - 19/26, Boro 3.3

  • Grounded glassware: joining by screwable closures Rigid and safeFunctional Comfortable to use Lapping under the standard 19/26
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Data sheet Bulb condenser - Grounded/screwed - 19/26, Boro 3.3


With this assembly system, the assemblies are extremely rigid which allows to move them easily without any risk of disassembly.The honed parts are disconnected easily including when they have not been previously lubricated.
Joint size 19/26
Material 3.3 borosilicate glass
Type of assembly Ground glass joint and screw cap
Type of condenser Standard
Type of product Matériel de laboratoire

Other Specifications

Tubulures latérales, Ø ext. approx. : 11,5 mm
Rodage : au standard 19/26
Qualité : boro. 3.3
Verrerie rodée assemblage par bouchons vissants