Burettes TITRONIC® 300Module 1 and 2

  • With or without magnetic stirrerModels available: with 20 or 50 ml cylinderPowered burette: autofill Control by mouse
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Data sheet Burettes TITRONIC® 300Module 1 and 2


The TITRONIC burette® 300 Module 1 and 2 is a manual electronic burette for titrations and extremely precise dosages. It is controlled using a mouse and has three distribution modes: -Manual or automatic titration with set speed- Step by step distribution: distribution of a set volume at a given speed with adjustable pause time.- Distribution 100% of the volume at a selected speed.The TITRONIC burette® 300 has: - A large LCD display indicating the volume distributed with cumulated volume function - An built-in magnetic stirrer - A borosilicate glass cylinder with a PTFE piston and an opaque and anti UV drying tube- A titration tip, a stand and an electrode holder - 2 RS232 interfaces for connecting peripheral devices (scale, printer or PC) - 2 USB ports for connecting a keyboard or a USB stick (retrieves a report as pdf or csv format).
Agitateurs Yes
Raccord à passeur No
Titration Manuelle
Type d'électrode Électrode pH incluse
Volume burette 50 mL

Other Specifications

Affichage du volume : 0,01 à 999,9 ml
Résolution : 0,01 ml
Interfaces : USB-A, USB-B, RS232
Alimentation : 100-240 V~; 50/60 Hz
Puissance consommée : 30 VA
Dimensions : 135 x 310 x 205 mm (y compris l'unité de dosage, sans l'agitateur)
Masse : 2 kg